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call center answering servicesACCESS'S Call Center Answering Services Help Provide You a Competitive Edge in a Global Marketplace

ACCESS Communications Company is unique. It has Call Center Outsourcing Service and call center operations in multiple locations across the United States and manages its enterprise from its Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. All client services, Call Centers, IT (including data processing and storage), program management, training curriculum development management, QA management and execution and operations management (including scheduling, control desk and internal telephony) are handled from our local base call center service.


The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times the cost of retaining an old one. And because of this, and our excellent answering services, it is important that your customer interaction is managed in the best possible way. Customer Interaction Services at ACCESS are tailored to provide superior customer interaction and hence leverage every customer relationship to the fullest. Our portfolio includes a whole gamut of customer facing offerings including 24/7 customer support through voice (in-bound and out-bound calls), e-mail and web mediums, telemarketing services and technical support services. We serve multiple industries including Help Desk, Retail, Financial, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality and Technology. The key benefits of using our customer interaction services include: Improved customer service levels; Reduced customer support/marketing costs; Higher sales conversion rate and enhanced flexibility to manage service peaks and troughs, product order lifecycles; Homogeneous integration with your E-Commerce initiative, clearly defined processes across geographies; Call Center quality and retention programs; Greater call center coverage and number of interactions with customers answered.


Our Account Management Team's main focus is to provide immediate assistance and feedback to you, utilizing Gantt charts or action item lists to manage various account refinements and ongoing activities.  We provide full coverage Call Center Service that services all cities in Southern California, including Beverly Hills, Burbank, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Van Nuys among others. We also pay careful attention to our Call Center Answering Service clients in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties. Call us, when we answer you prosper.


ACCESS'S customer acquisition call center services include prospect identification, campaign management, lead generation and fulfillment. In coordination with our clients' sales objectives, we implement and execute marketing campaigns using multi-channel communications in coordination with advertising and promotional sales programs. By tracking customer value over time against the cost of acquisition, we help our clients improve the quality and value of new customers while reducing the total cost of acquisition.


Our customer relationship management (CRM) services are focused on enhancing the customer experience, our customer care services range from utilizing self-service products for frequently asked questions, to using web chat sessions for complex installation problems, to employing highly trained technicians for product support. We specialize in the design and delivery of complex, multi-channel solutions, including the use of cost competitive offshore locations.

We act as the voice of the customer to our clients, providing valuable, real-time feedback on new products or campaigns. Outbound Telemarketing operations are deployed through a network of remote Outbound Telemarketing professionals. Calls and e-mails can be processed in multiple contact center locations so customers receive the highest-possible levels of service. This operational model is common in much larger companies - ACCESS is unique in its class in providing a global service across a single enterprise and redundant call centers.


ACCESS'S proprietary Call Center Outsourcing Enterprise Software Application offers cost-effective Customer Relationship Management and call center service solutions for business applications. We offer a perfect balance of leading edge call center technology, plus skilled and experience call center service personnel that consistently delivers excellent call center service to our many satisfied call center customers.